Tai Ji Granny


Sensei Hans Menck  my Swimming Dragon Teacher from 2010. Photographed at @One Space 2011

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In 2000 I met Hans through my friend Candice Jones, a Yoga Teacher. He is a Martial Artist. A handsome, vibrant  man with an aura of mystery around him. He immediately intrigued me.

Hans vibrated with passion for his life purpose; to perfect  Martial  Arts and become a Master. He began training from the age of nine. When I met him he had already traveled the world to train with renowned Martial Artists in Aikido, Kung Fu,  Tai Ji and other styles. Soon he was to leave to train with a Chinese Sensei in Australia, who worked as a construction worker in the day and taught his students after  hours.

I did not know then that when I met him years later in 2010 I would become his student and begin my training as a Tai Ji Granny at the age of 63! It would be the beginning of an interesting and meaningful life experience.IMG01050-20120429-1018

My life as a Tai Ji Granny.

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Hans Menck in Newlands Forest Cape Town 2012 where he regularily does Mountain Warrior  Martial Arts Training. He does regular solo retreats in the forest. 

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REIKI -Healing Touch.



Reiki is an Ancient Natural Healing method.

Reiki was re-discovered by Dr. Usui Mikao in the early 20th century Japan. Since then Reiki has been taught  Master to student over the years. Reiki has endured and retained its simplicity and power as a self-healing and healing method. Reiki is accepted and practiced globally.

Reiki is a heart centred touch therapy.
Dianne Cooke has been a Reiki Master since 1998. She has pursued intensive studies in the healing arts, and practised various spiritual disciplines.

Reiki is a 2 Day course. Times may be arranged to suit the individual or over weekends.

REIKI 1st Degree – Cost R700

REIKI 2nd Degree – Cost R700

MASTER Degree – Cost R1150


Contact Dianne: 082 7755 585 or  diannecooke@gmail.co.za

36 Lovell Avenue

Die Boord


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