img_0212 Spirit Dance

Living beings shake & shiver from shock, fear & terror. It is a natural response encoded in our beings .When we shiver or shake the core muscles relax,a message is sent to the brain that the danger is over, we can relax and continue with life.

Humans shake in ecstasy when they are moved by the spirit of the event to express them selves through dance, joy and passion.

The San and Aboriginal people shake in ritual and healing ceremonies. The Quakers & the Shakers shook in the sermons and gatherings. Even John Wesley shook in passion when he preached.

Shaking is a time honoured practice of non-violent expression of feeling. It is healing and life-changing practice.

 Spirit Dance is a form of dance that is healing, reduces stress and when practised brings a sense of freedom to body mind and spirit. It is natural movement, the body weight becomes balanced, mind calm, and we feel a lightness of being after practice.

Links: www.atone.co.za

          Shaking Medicine – www. keeneyinstitute.org

          Shaking Meditation – www.ratubagus.com

          Kundalini Shaking Meditation – www.oshokundalini.com

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