Dianne Barry


@One Journey Work

I consider individuation an essential life journey to undertake.

In my practice I facilitate  a process of self-reflection and enquiry that engages an individual on an internal transformational process.

A person may expect me to be a supportive witness and guide on their personal journey. I provide a safe, non-judgemental, reflective and compassionate atmosphere. I person may expect, confidentiality, honesty and compassion from me.


The three Primary Modalites that I practice:


Internationally Accredited Teacher & Practitioner of Lindwall Releasing® since 1997. Six years personal training with International teachers, Dr. Isa and Yolanda Lindwall (Arkansas).

Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing, 1998. Reiki Master teacher Diana Segall (South Africa).

Reiki Master (Advanced) in the Usui system of Natural Healing. 2010 Attuned by International Reiki Master Teacher Dr. Sanjeev Kumar School of Yoga massage and Reiki (Vashisht, India)

Internationally Certified Holographic Repatterning® Practitioner 1996: Trained  by the International Teacher & Developer of Holographic Repatterning® Chloe Wordsworth (Arizona).


OTHER Modalities:

RECONNECTIVE HEALING® Practitioner 2007: Cape Town 2007. Internationally trained by Dr. Eric Pearl(USA)

THE RECONNECTION™ Cape Town, 2007.

HYPNOTHERAPY: Self-Mastery through Hypnosis and Client Centred Hypnotherapy Level 1, 2, & 4 at the Mastermind Hypnotherapy training Centre, Cape Town, 2009/10.

HYPNOTHERAPY: QUANTUM FOCUSING: Developed and taught by International Teacher Michael Ellner, DD., CHT, MSH. New York. Cape Town,2009.


The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies.


Other experience in healing techniques:

Emotional Freedom Technique, Gary Williams, (U.K.) 2003

Temple Beautiful, South Africa for 2000 -2004.

An Introduction to Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) presented by Prof. Dr. Gina Kastele, (Germany)  Cape Town, 2007.

Esoteric Healing and  Wholism Healing.

Performing Arts

I have had over 25 plus years experience in the performing arts, and was inspired to create @One Mandala Dance. (As seen on Free Spirit 2007.)

  • Royal Academy of Dance, Advanced Ballet Certificate ( Cape Town) 
  • Contemporary, Jazz, Spanish & Greek dance (Cape Town)
  • Cabaret, Theatre & Musical Reviews ( National)
  • Acrobatic Dance & Flying Trapeze (International)

  • Karate & Yoga ( Western Cape)
  • Movement for Drama Teacher ( Rhenish Girls High School, Stellenbosch)
  • Youth Performances (Cape Town)

 Mandala Dance 2007

devised by Dianne Barry Cooke

dance is silent poetry, the language of the soul.

 Spirit Dance 2010

devised by Dianne Barry Cooke

shake your body, calm your mind.



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