being right?

Words from Tai ji Granny.

I witnessed throughout the years of marriage that when poverty knocks on the door, love may struggle, but it endures. So, too when death comes through the windows, and disease and pain rattle the roof tiles. Even when the wind of change uproots one, love survives.

The Death knell  to a marriage is the moment one party decides, “I am Right and you are Wrong!” and it is more important to be Right, than to be love. In such a case a power struggle follows to the bitter end. Damage comes speedily in sharp lethal stabs  wounding the warriors and destroying the marriage. It is over,  no winners only losers. Love returns to its source.

When the dust settles on the battlefield, and the casualties have been removed. Empty, without Love’s presence,  the self righteous one stands alone, and all that remains is his/her right to be Right.

Love weeps.

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