Dream Flights and more….

I have the ability to fly in my dreams, in my visions and once in this reality from trapeze bar to catcher.

I remember flying dreams from a very early age. I would run and leap into the air and fly above the land and look down, it was magical. I f circumstances became overwhelming or threatening in my dreams I could say the magic words; in an instant I would fly into the upper clear blue skies. I was born remembering that I was a flyer. It could be frustrating.

I somehow believed that in real life I could fly. I could fly in my mind’s eye to higher regions. I could access the minds of great beings. I could dive into books and lift off and fly in my magnificent imagination to higher climes. I could dream of ancient libraries. As I walked through these libraries in my dream world the content became known to me. It was captivating and lifted me into the clouds and beyond. I became a flyer.

I became lost in the heavens. I became a frantic searcher in the flighty world of high intellectualism. I flirted with grandiose ideas of becoming  enlightened. I aspired to spiritual greatness of being. I was seduced by the evocative dogmas of gurus from different factions. It was heady. It was false. I was seduced by the powerful masculine hierarchical power into a spellbound state of trance.

There were  significant times when I danced and my spirit was where it was meant to be; in my body. As my body traced the lines of sacred geometry on the floor and the air around me I became conscious of being in the heart of the great Siva the World dancer.

My Life Weaving through marriage, motherhood and separation left my heart’s house empty.

One day my feet took me to the Temple of the dance once more. I touched the place of rebirth in the sacred enclave of my heart. I found my Medicine. Shiva turned and turned with the World in me. The flying Bird descended and settled in the epi-center of my self: Home at last.

The real Dance has begun

the false spinning undone.

this self and the true partner

dance to the strands

of the great Choreographer’s

genius in my soul,to the song of my heart.

I become speechless….



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